Welcome to our website

For us, food is not just fuel. It is something to be enjoyed.

our aim

We wanted restaurant quality food and we wanted it at home; but what we did not want was the preservatives, stabilisers, excessive salt and sugar that came with the packet mixes and jars you get from the supermarket.

Therefore, over the last 10 years, we have been attempting to improve our cooking at home. To do that we were required to go back to basics and make everything from scratch, in order to get an idea of what goes into the food we love.

We came to realise that making everything from scratch was not that time consuming and within months we had ditched those supermarket ‘quick fixes’ and built up a stable of herbs, spices, oils and vinegars, which became the foundation ingredients to so much of our cooking.

Thanks to social media, friends and family began to ask for recipes for dishes we had made. After a while, we decided that we should collect all our recipes together to make this sharing process easier.

And here is that collection.

tried and tested

We have made these dishes time and time again, so we know they work. Every recipe has been cooked by us in our own domestic kitchen, each photo on the website was taken by us in our own home, and every meal you see was the real thing (which was promptly devoured after the photo was taken).

None of the photographs on this website are professional interpretations of the meal; these are the actual finished dish!

the loons responsible

Karen Webster

"I just don’t want to look back on my life and think ‘I should have eaten that’”

Adie Webster

"Never argue with an idiot, they drag you down to their level then beat you with experience”

Karen is not a chef, never was and never will be, probably because she does not approve of; ‘Jus’, ‘Coulis’, or ‘Soil’. It is ‘Gravy’ or ‘Sauce’ or ‘Crumbs’. 

Known by her pseudonym ‘Zero Alpha’, she also has an aversion to food items being served in pretentious ways; like a fry-up on a shovel, chicken chasseur in a bucket, anything that is served on a slate with foam or air on the side and any kind of de-constructed puddings. Finish the job and build it properly! 

Karen likes cookbooks but doesn’t like TV Chefs’ cookbooks that are full of unnecessary arty photos of non-food subjects just to fill the pages and justify the £40 price tag! 

However, Karen believes in great quality ingredients, knowing where your food comes from and treating your dinner as a special occasion. 

Karen has never admitted in public before that she quite likes couscous and has only done so in this short bio to add a bit of controversial publicity and shock value to this website. 

Adie is not a chef. Never has been, never will be. Probably because he is wound up by the chefs on TV who bang on about how cooking is the hardest job in the world. 


No, it isn’t. 


Adie was in the army for 24 years, many of which were spent trying to stop officers cocking up every sensible plan the troops came up with, which is much harder than being a slop-jockey in a swanky restaurant! 

However, Adie does love cooking and enjoying the more exotic of culinary delights. 


He is also not afraid to try something new; he has had boar’s balls in Poland, Horse in Germany, Snails in Canada (and Poutine, which is frankly quite ‘wrong’) and something unidentifiable (except for the eyeballs) from a sharing plate in a Bedouin tent in Oman. Although the real crime against food was the couscous he was fed in Morocco. After that, Adie swore that the Devil’s cat litter would never grace his own cooking!