Baby Back Ribs

Soft, succulent and fall-off the bone; these juicy sweet ribs are a pork lovers favourite.

Try and buy your ribs from a butcher and ask him to remove the membrane from the inside of the ribs.

Apply a BBQ rub (such as these rubs below) to the ribs and set aside for 24 hours. 

Texan BBQ rub

House rub

Set up the BGE for indirect at 107 deg C (225 deg F). 

This is a low and slow cook, it can’t be rushed!

Place the ribs in a rib rack and smoke over applewood for 3 hours. 

After the 3 hours, remove and wrap the ribs in heavy duty tin foil (or double wrap) and return to the BGE to cook for another 3 hours.

Remove the ribs from the foil, baste in BBQ sauce and cook on the egg for another 10-20 minutes until the sauce is hot and sticky.

Serve with a side plate so everyone can drop in the bare bones!

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