Bakewell Gin Cherry & Almond

Bakewell Gin Cherry & Almond

Country of Origin

United Kingdom


Handmade Gin Company, Merseyside

Yet another new gin, distilled by the Handmade Gin Company on the Wirral in Merseyside, this gin makes no bones about what flavour it is going for!

This gin is distilled with six Botanicals; juniper, cubeb, cardamom, hibiscus flowers and obviously, cherry and almond.

The juniper is lost amongst the cherry and the almond doesn’t surface, leaving the overall flavour sweet and distinct. Fans of the London dry should probably avoid for this reason.

Served with a good Indian Tonic and a cherry or two to reinforce its fruity notes, this gin is certainly a statement.


Although one glass is certainly entertaining and distinct, for prolonged drinking, it is too sweet for my tastes. Not a bottle I’ll be rushing to restock when it is gone.

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