Beef Short Rib

Beef short rib is a great cut of beef, but to get that fall-apart fibrous texture, you need to cook it low and slow. 

Prep the Beef

Massage salt and pepper into the surface of the ribs.

Set Up The BGE

Add a lump of wet hickory for smoking.


Cook on the BGE indirect at 105 deg C (225 deg F) for 2 hours.

After 2 hours, wrap in heavy duty foil (or double wrap to avoid punctures).

Return it to the BGE and continue to cook indirect at 105 deg C (225 deg F) for a further 6 hours.

Remove and wrap the foil covered meat in an old towel and place in a cooler (this is known as FTC (Foil-Towel-Cooler) method) for a further 2 hours.


When serving, the meat should have shrunk and can be served as is, as the beef will just fall off the bone.

Beef short rib doesn’t have to be used as is, but can be used as a core meat within other recipes. For the short rib hash recipe, click below:

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