BGE’ing a Lamb Dopiaza

BGE'ing a 'Spicery' Lamb dopiaza -

For tea tonight, we cracked open the Curry Legend cook book from our friends at The Spicery.

Prepping the curry

We stuck to the Spicery recipe but added some green peppers to bulk it out a bit. We used agave syrup instead of sugar to keep the calories down. 


Smoking on the BGE

We  put the curry, lid off, on the BGE at around 250degF set up for indirect cooking. We smoked it for about an hour over Oak chunks, checking every 15 minutes to top up with a little water if necessary. 

Serving with Bhajis

We served the smoked curry with rice, a salad of onion, tomatoes and cucumber mixed with 1 tsp mint sauce (the vinegary kind not the jelly!) and a dash of lemon. We also made some baked onion bhajis which are both low-fat and delicious!  

For the bhaji recipe

If you want to make the onion bhaji for yourself, follow the link below.

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