Brisket and Burnt Ends

As the sun was out, and everyone else was firing up their BBQ for the first time, we went for our nemesis cook; the dreaded brisket.

We smoked it over cherry and mesquite for 4 hours, (indirect at 225 deg F and with a water bath) before wrapping it in butcher’s paper.

We cooked it for a further 8 hours, making sure to keep the water bath topped up.

We pulled the brisket off the heat after 12 hours cooking and removed the point, which we chopped and put back on the BGE slathered in our home made BBQ sauce, to sticky up for a further 30 minutes. Meanwhile, we rested the brisket using the FTC method.

The result was stunning. At last we have finally mastered the brisket. We will now be cooking this again!

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