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grub's up (quite literally) -

Here at “Scoff’s up!”, we always like to try new things so when we  saw that this week Sainsbury’s has become the latest supermarket to start stocking insect snacks, we thought we should give them a go!

We procured a packet of  BBQ-flavoured crickets made by “Eat grub” and we thought we’d give you the low-down on what they were like.

The package only contains 9g of crickets and they are very small which a bit of a relief, really, as it would be disconcerting to open it and just see a load of compound eyes staring back at you! They do, however, pack a massive protein-punch at 30g per 100g with very little fat.

The flavour and texture was not unlike the bacon bits you would put over a salad  in a pizza restaurant so we decided this would be the best use for them as a start. I genuinely enjoyed them as salad croutons as they added a crunch and a small hit of savoury taste throughout my salad.

I’ll admit, if they were any bigger, I’d have had difficulty getting past the fact that, well, they look like crickets but as they are quite small it didn’t bother me. I think that the biggest hurdle for “Eat Grub” , and other companies that want to bring these low-fat, high-protein alternatives to our dining tables, will be customer disgust rather than the flavour. If the customer can get past the idea of it, insects really are a healthy, sustainable and ethically-sourced way of getting protein into our diets.

Maybe next time you have a gathering of friends, put them out with the crisps and dry-roasted nuts and see if your guests are forward-thinking enough to grab a handful…They are not your average party snack, that’s for sure!

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