We have always loved the chicken Shashlik from our local Indian restaurant. But, always wanted to be able to cook
A 'Turkish' delight. This is a brilliant take on the shish, with subtle but amazing flavours and tender juicy chicken
This is an old Anglo-Indian dish, bought back to the UK by the returning Victorians who enjoyed Khichri while out
An easy winter warmer that is suited to a slow cooker; using a rather under appreciated cut of meat, the
The quintessential classic English dish, the Beef Wellington. It's not an easy dish, but it is worth it, especially when
Pozole is a typical Mexican soup or stew; and this is our take on the dish, which is a great
A variation on a northern Chophouse classic, this dish uses short rib rather than corned beef. It is rich and
A slow cooker recipe for chilli that delivers on taste but with very little effort.  Don't be tempted to skip
Quick, easy, zesty and fresh, this pasta dish is not reliant on a heavy sauce to deliver a punch.  
We have been asked many times if there was an easy way to cook the lamb stacked kebab; well this
Super flaky, smooth and succulent salmon; with a sweet honey and orange glaze. This is a BBQ delight, even on
Nothing beats coming home on a dark winter night, after a hard day at work, to a hearty casserole. This
A great way to use leftover pulled pork, this delicious pasta dish hits the spot. The recipe for the pulled
The UK's national dish; the mighty Chicken Tikka Masala, the curry that stole the crown from fish and chips!  
Beef Skirt Fajita: An excellent cut of meat, and when used in fajita it really adds to the flavour.  
Chilli Con Carne: A real winter warmer, in more ways than one, as this dish packs a punch! Ideal for
Lasagne: A slight new take on a classic dish. This comfort meal has a richness from some surprising ingredients, and
Piggy Mac 'n Cheese: An amazing way to use up left over pulled pork. Cooked macaroni mixed in with a
Coffee Rub Lamb: Now, this sounds like it should not work: But stick with it, this is an amazing rub
Chicken Enchiladas: Cheeky chicken enchiladas, which can be cooked in the oven or on the BBQ.   Chicken enchiladas 2
Cottage Pie: Another hearty comfort dish, that can take you back to childhood meals at home.   Cottage pie 1
Spaghetti Bolognese: Comfort food that is rich and deep and not from a jar. There was a time when this
Lamb Stack Kebab: A Friday night delight, but unlike its high-street namesake, this is edible when you are sober! Packed
It has taken us ages to find the perfect dough recipe, but we think this is it. A crust that