Snacks & Sides

A delicious, meaty and peppery snack , which works both hot or cold Cornish-ish Pasty Butter shortcrust pastry450 g plain
A childhood classic, but updated with better ingredients and far more class than back then (even in a sandwich!) Print
A perfect side for BBQ meats, this onion dish might be simple, but don't let that fool you on how
Quick and easy granola bars where you choose the flavours that suit you. With no added salt, these bars beat
The club sandwich traditionally consists of a grilled chicken sandwich married with a BLT. ​ This sandwich goes the extra
Here is a classic snack or even a main course. This version isn't fried, but it is very tasty, with
An absolutely ideal side dish for almost any curry. The Saag Aloo (Spinach and Potatoes) is a filling, spicy, spud
The defacto side dish for almost every curry. This very easy recipe can be cooked in minutes and will lift
A hot sweet curry dish, that perfectly accompanies many meat dishes and only takes minutes to make.   Pineapple Masala
A very simple but tasty low fat snack or lunch dish; that is easy to cook on the hob, oven,
The humble burger patty, not junk but a quality dish, full of flavour and fine ingredients. From this basic recipe,
A recipe for smokey baked beans that utilises left over pulled pork. A recipe that can be used as a
A delightful twist on the classic Welsh Rarebit, utilising left over pulled pork.   Pulled Pork Welsh Rarebit 200 g
Hot and spicy; better than your local chicken restaurant, this is a low fat side suitable for many dishes.  
Either as a snack or a great accompaniment to a curry, these little devils are great served with lemon.  
Nothing beats a hang over like this little beauty! Just like your local fast-food breakfast favourite, but with added punch