This is one of the Scoffers’ very favourite cake recipes. It was first made for us by Toni Fenton, who
The ultimate indulgence for gin lovers. This a more refreshing take on the Tiramisu recipe. Why have coffee when you
These make a perfect snack or desert. The soft freshness of the apple perfectly complements the homemade peanut butter; and
After having tried them in Sorrento a few years ago, we chose lemon curd as our filling; but you can
The quintessential English pudding, the humble trifle. Simple yet elegant when served in individual jars, this lifts the party classic
The king of biscuits, the humble butter shortbread, but with a seasonal twist. The aroma and taste of the mixed
A smooth and decadent treat which is so easy to make with just a hint of Irish Cream.
A rich and decadent treat which is so easy to make and customize with your own mix of nuts and
The humble Cambridge Burnt Cream, a classic that has just been improved with a touch of Bourbon and Maple syrup!
A much healthier take on the classic Creme Brulee. An easy no bake creme, with a sweet fruit compote, and
Grilled Pineapple & Coconut Icecream: For this little delight, you will need an icecream maker, but the effort and cost
Plum Streusel: The German's are not renowned for their food generally, but occasionally they get something bang on; and this
Brownies: There is something special about a good brownie, cracked and crispy on the top, but soft and sticky in
Instant Banana Icecream: This is a fantastic recipe for when you want ice cream, but don't have an icecream maker.
Rice Pudding: A real winter warmer. This is a great slow cooker dish, something you can put on hours before
Lemon Cheesecake: "Sweet, rich and indulgence" There is something magical about a cheesecake, and this one delivers that magic in