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The ultimate in outdoor cooking. So good, the kamodo style ceramic grill is finding its way from back gardens and into Michelin star restaurants.


The two main grills on the market are the Komodo Joe range and the Big Green Egg range. We at Scoff’s Up use Big Green Eggs, although they both do the same thing.

The BGE is uber versatile; it is a grill, oven, tandoor, hot and cold smoker and BBQ which can be used in all weathers all year round. You can go from cold smoking cheese, to baking a cake, searing a steak or cooking a pulled pork for over 15 hours.

The magic lies in its construction. Thick ceramics keep the temperature stable, the heavy lid prevents heat and moisture from escaping, meaning the food ends up super succulent.  

It is also very efficient, unlike normal BBQs. Once you have finished cooking, just close the two vents and the system is starved of oxygen, making the charcoal inert; ready to be re-lit next time you need it.

We love our BGE, so much so, we bought two!

We even cook our Christmas dinner on it. 

We use the Large Big Green Egg for most of our outdoor cooking, although we also have a Minimax Big Green Egg for smaller or quicker cooks. If you buy one, make sure you buy from an authorised dealer so you get the lifetime warranty.

We stick to one brand of fuel for our cooks, which is the Big Green Egg organic lump charcoal. The reason we stick to one brand is that we have got used to how it burns, and what temperature is creates at certain settings. The last thing you want is a new brand burning hotter than you expect and ruining an expensive joint of meat!

To light our charcoal we used to use the organic firelighters, but as we have a power-point quite near our BGE, we now use an electric wand to light it. This lights the charcoal in seconds and is not reliant on a steady hand and calm weather!

On the surface it seems an expensive BBQ, but once you have used it, you realise the value of it, both in how much you use it and in how much your food as improved!


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