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It is near impossible to cook a good quality Italian style pizza in a conventional oven; it just does not get hot enough! That is where small domestic pizza ovens come in.


The main draw of the pizza oven over a conventional oven is the heat generated. Good pizza requires a perfect balance of a very very hot pizza stone to cook the dough and very hot air above the pizza to cook the toppings and melt the cheese.

This balance is achieved by reducing the volume of air in the oven, so there is less to heat up, meaning it can be done quicker. Normal ovens will radiate the heat away long before the air can get up to the 600 degrees centigrade needed!

Another advantage is that they can often be fired using organic materials, predominantly wood, which not only gets very hot but adds an authentic smokey flavour to the pizza.

Until recently, you would have had to make a pizza oven out of fire bricks in the garden, but now there are a range of lightweight, portable pizza ovens that deliver on the technical requirements of their bigger cousins.

We use the Uuni small pizza oven. It is small and can be packed up onto a shelf in the garage when not in use, it gets up to the required temperature of 600 deg C in about 10 minutes, cooks a pizza in about 90 seconds, and can be packed away again in under 30 minutes.

The oven uses wood pellets as a fuel (although a gas adapter is available). We use the Uuni branded wood pellets and have found it only takes a few handfuls to get the oven up to speed and they impart a wonderful woody flavour to the pizza.

And to start them off we use these non branded organic firelighters which are ideal when it is windy! 

We have been unable to match the pizza oven for pizza quality, even using our beloved Big Green Egg, so the change we got from the £250 outlay went on more pizza topping ingredients!

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