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The ultimate in stand-off convenience. Cooking a meal whilst you are at work without compromising on quality.


Sear and stew slow cookers allow you to create an extensive selection of meals with the added benefit of being able to sear the meat in the same pan. Searing meat in the cooking pan means that the juices from the meat combine with the rest of the ingredients creating richer fuller flavours in your dishes.

Traditional slow cookers with a ceramic pan required you to separately sear the meat before transferring it to the cooker.

Now,  lightweight, non-stick coated aluminium pots are  durable and dishwasher safe so cleaning up afterwards is easy.

We use the Morphy Richards sear and slow cooker.

Our cooker is about 3 1/2 liters and comfortably can make a stew or casserole that will feed 3 (or 4 if the meals has other constituents, like mash potato).

But don’t fall into the trap of thinking that is all you can make. It is great for puddings, soups and curries too!

With slow cookers available for less than £30, and with the ability to cook on a low heat for the whole day, there really isn’t an excuse not to own one!

Suggested equipment

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