Spider Steak

Spider Steak -

Crimbo has come early in our household, as I was given a rather nice present from my local butcher (big shout out to Phil Chapman at Chapman’s Butchers!).

Passed over the counter to me, with a handshake and a smile, was a fresh spider steak (sometimes called Oyster steak) with its distinctive intermuscular fat that fans out on the semicircle of meat like a spider’s web.  

This little beauty is the cut from under the Aitch bone and is very rare, with only two of these steaks per cow; normally the butcher keeps it for himself (it’s not called the ‘Butcher’s Cut’ for nothing)!

In order to fully enjoy this little stunner, I am going to do nothing but salt (to bring the proteins to the surface and part-dehydrate the meat) before searing on the BGE cast iron grate direct and very hot!

This will kick off the Maillard reaction and deliver a simple steak, full of flavour.

Merry crimbo.

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