Tanqueray Sevilla

Flor De Sevilla

Country of Origin

United Kingdom


Cameronbridge, Fife

It is believed that Charles Tanqueray created the recipe for this gin in the 1860s after an expedition to Spain in search of unique botanicals.

Despite the age of the recipe, this is a fairly new gin to be released from the Tanqueray stable. But it has made an impact; with the distinct colour of the gin becoming the official Pantone for the city of Seville in Spain, the first city to have an official colour.

The Flor de Sevilla is a distilled gin which perfectly marries bitter-sweet Sevilla oranges with the complex botanicals of liquorice, angelica, orange blossom, coriander and of course juniper, found in the other London dry gins from Tanqueray.

The gin has a bitter but sweet zesty flavour and when paired with Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic and a curl of orange zest or orange slice is a fantastically refreshing drink. If you don’t have a Mediterranean tonic, Indian tonic works very well and matches the orange perfectly.


This is an excellent gin that we will buy again! 

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