Xoriguer Gin

Xoriguer Gin

Country of Origin

Menorca, Spain


Destilerias Xoriguer, Mahon

A gin from the Balearic islands? Yes! (and it is pronounced sho-ri-gair)

Here is a gin with quite a pedigree, which may surprise many (it surprised me)! Despite appearances (the funky bottle and label) the drink has a subtle quality.

It might be from the Spanish island of Menorca, but it heralds from a very British origin; the Royal Navy. 

When Menorca was under the Crown, the demand for Gin by the Royal Navy matelots prompted local distilleries to produce the drink, such was the demand.

Today, the Pons family distillery are still producing the same gin as they did over 100 years ago!

This gin is distilled with undisclosed Botanicals (a closely guarded secret), but the base is distilled from wine alcohol not grain alcohol and using imported juniper berries.

The flavour comes through clear and fresh, and like a Plymouth gin, it is generous in juniper, but that is tempered by soft citrus undertones.

Served with a good Indian Tonic and a slice of lemon, this is a refreshing drink.


This was a present from our neighbours who have Spanish origins, and wow, what a present it was. This is a gin I will be replenishing when it is gone (which wont be long). Well worth checking out if you can find a bottle.

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